Off-line meetings in Fukuoka Japan

NEW!:Report about the 3rd off-line meeting(3 Nov. 1999)is here!

We held some off line meeting about PC engine and 8-bit videogames.
Here is some photos and reports.

'99 3/21 1st off line meeting@secret place in Fukuoka

This is the 1st off line meeting I held.
Half year had passed since I decide to held this meeting.

This day 5 PC engineers ( DaiRGV, Hiro, MST, Tanasa and me ) come this room, and enjoyed playing with PC engine & Turbo Grafx 16.
Most of ( almost all of ) "PC engine's consoles and softwares" and "Turbo Grafx 16 hard and softwares" are in one place.
It was great, unbelievable and amazing.

From top-left to right

1st PCengine ( Called as White PC engine ) & earliest CD RomRom system+system card 1.0
PC engine core graphics & CD RomRom system + system card 2.0
PC engine core graphics 2 & CD RomRom system + system card 2.1
PC engine LT & CD RomRom system + Arcade card PRO

Pioneer Laser Active with PC engine pack
PC-FX &PC engine GT with TV tuner

from 2nd Top-left to right

PC engine Duo+battery Pack
PC engine Duo-R
PC engine Duo RX
PC engine Super Graphics + Arcade card Duo & Super CD RomRom

3rd top-left to right

Turbo Duo
Turbo Grafx 16
CDRomRom + IF adapter & PC engine Shuttle
PC engine GT with TV tuner &Turbo express ( Between JPN and US are connected with a COM cable )


Turbo Grafx 16 ( Spanish version )
TurboGrafx 16 & TurboGrafx 16CD



Yes It runs. No problem.

Super CD RomRom>Super CD RomRom adapter(for LT)->CDRomRom adapter( for Super Graphics )->PC engine LT.

Link between Japan & US!

Left: PC engine GT with TV tuner

Right: Turbo express

(Between JPN and US are connected with a COM cable)

Ready to VS play, OK?

Almost ALL System cards are here!

SystemCard 1.0: SystemCard 2.0: SystemCard 2.1: TurboGrafxCD
SuperSystemCard 3.0: Arcade card Duo: Arcade card Pro
Tenn no koe Bank(Save your savedata with it): Game Express CD card(the one version of the two)

Last We'll show you the greatest one.

click!You can see Large size photo!

To run them ...No way.

'99 5/1 small circle of PC engine friends meeting
@DaiRGV's House in Fukuoka

DaiRGV , MST and I visited DaiRGV's house to enjoy PC engines and other Videogames.

1st Darius 3 monitors version Run on PC engine...

It is fake.

Left Monitor:Duo Monitor
Canter Monitor:PC engine LT
Right monitor:PC engine GT

Duo Monitor with PC engine Duo

(These 2 speakers are not for 863G,added by DaiRGV)