Japanese sites guide

I pick up some populor [PC engine sites in Japan].
Almost all sites are writen in Japanese.

If you understand Japanese well so many texts might help your videogamelife.

Wataru's PC engine Maniax

One of the oldest PC engine website. The site Stopped updateing.
He made a nice PC engine FAQs(in Japanese).

PC engine Ring

PCengine Ring : It's a nice portal site to visit many PCengine websites

PC Engine/TurboGrafx16
Perfect Conquest Project

"Hiro" is one of the most well known "PC engineer" in Japan.
There are so many texts,PC engine and TG 16 reviews and the Very HOT BBS.

A crazy PCEngineer's mutter.
(Yahho Japan choice!)

[Engi na hito]...he completed all (official) PC engine softwares!
Also he collects most of soundtracks and guidebooks about PC engine.

Yuki in my room

Yery nice website with full of veryvery rare PCengine softwares screenshots and reviews,
PC cocoron , Silky Lip, Space Fantasy Zone etc.

PC Engine standard database(NEW)

Many information about PCEngine, for beginer to PCEngine mania.

PC engine side(English version)

It is written in poor English (sorry).
There are some special topics and great pics about off-ine meetings in Fukuoka.
He very wants to complete his BubbleBobble collection.Please help me!


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